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  1. AI coming soon...and the protein too for Jayhawkk...still hunting down a good source for stretchy pants though!

    Jayhawkk, got your PM...did you still want the tightest pair in hot pink? Let me know

  2. Green Phyto Foods Powder
    By NOW
    Please get the 2 pound bag as its the most cost effective~!

  3. Bulk

    At high dosages this stuff is really anabolic and over all great for general health.

    Please carry !


  4. What makes colostrum so beneficial?
    There are over 90 known components in colostrum. The primary components, divided into two classes, are immune factors and growth factors. Colostrum also contains a precise balance of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. All of these factors work together in perfect synergy to restore and maintain health.

    Colostrum’s Immune Factors
    Immune Factors in colostrum have been shown to help the body inhibit the binding of pathogenic invaders to the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. Each factor plays a specific role in our body’s defense against these attackers. In addition, colostrum contains over 20 antibodies to specific pathogens including E coli, salmonella, rotavirus, candida, streptococcus, staphylococcus, H pylori, and cryptosporidia.

    In addition to immunoglobulins, medical studies show that PRP in colostrum supports an underactive immune system. PRP also helps balance an overactive immune system present in autoimmune conditions.

    Colostrum’s Growth Factors
    Growth Factors help build and restore bone, muscle, nerve tissue, connective tissue, skin and cartilage. These factors have also been shown to help increase lean muscle, help the body burn fat for fuel, and assist in wound repair. Growth factors have also been shown to help slow the signs of aging! Colostrum's growth factors may:

    Affect the brain’s mood regulating chemicals to brighten our moods. (serotonin & dopamine)
    Assist in regeneration and improve normal growth of aged or injured muscle, bone, cartilage, skin collagen and nerve tissue.
    Help burn fat for fuel instead of muscle tissue in times of fasting (diet), and build & retain lean muscle (non-diet).
    Assist the internal regulation of the brain's "feel-good" chemicals, supporting alertness and better concentration.
    Help maintain normal blood sugar levels.
    Support skin repair when applied topically
    Restore our body’s precious RNA and DNA.
    Other Beneficial Components
    Vitamins and Minerals are nutrients that are essential for normal metabolism, growth and development. They act as coenzymes, enabling chemical process to take place throughout the body. Vitamins and minerals are indispensable for the maintenance of health. Amino Acids are the building blocks of proteins. They are required for growth and development. Amino acids are divided into essential (not produced by the body) and nonessential (can be produced by the body).

    Known Components of Colostrum
    Immune Factors, Immunoglobulins, Antibodies
    IgG – Neutralizes toxins and other harmful pathogenic invaders
    IgM – Helps control antibody response
    IgD – Helps support health of newborns
    IgE – Involved in regulating allergic response
    IgA – Helps inhibit the binding of pathogens to surfaces
    Secretory IgA (SigA) – Found in mucous membranes, Helps inhibit the binding of pathogens to surfaces
    IgA Specific Helper – Stimulates the production of IgA
    Lactoferrin – Powerful antioxidant, robs pathogens of the iron they need to proliferate
    Transferrin – Binds and transports iron
    Glycoproteins: - (Including Protease and Trypsin Inhibitors) Protect components from destruction by stomach acids
    Lactalbumin – Raises brain serotonin levels, improves mood under stress
    Multimeric a-Lactalbumin – Shown to cause certain cancer cells to create selective suicide (apoptosis)
    Cytokines – (Including Interleukins, Interferon Y, Tumor Necrosis Factor (TNF), and Lymphokines) Stimulates death of some tumors, increase T-cell activity, responsible for regulation and intensity of immune response, stimulate production of immunoglobulins
    Proline-Rich Polypeptide (PRP) – Regulates the activity of the immune system
    Lysozymes – Helps keep pathogens from binding to surfaces both internally and externally
    Gamma Globulin – Helps ward off pathogens
    B Lactoglobulin – Antibody, protein
    Complement 3 & 4 (C3 & C4) – Proteins that activate the complement of the immune system
    Kappa Casein – Glycoprotein that helps protect against H. pylori. (helicobacter pylori)
    Alpha 2-AP glycoprotein
    Alpha 1- antitrypsin – Inhibitor of trypsin
    Alpha 2- macroglobulin – Function as hormonal transporters
    Orosomucoids – Alpha-1 protein in plasma
    Prealbumin – Precursor to albumin
    Albumin – Contains essential amino acids
    Oligosaccharides – Complex carbohydrates, help support healthy lung function
    Non Specific Inhibitors (NSI’s) – Factors that inhibit a wide range of respiratory problems
    Growth Factors
    Epithelial Growth Factor (EGF) – Helps protect and maintain the skin
    Fibroblast Growth Factor (FGF) – Enhances wound healing and tissue repair
    Insulin-like Growth Factor I (IGF-I) – Increases lean muscle mass, helps repair DNA and RNA, anti-aging, helps maintian normal blood-sugar and cholesterol levels
    Insulin-like Growth Factor II (IGF-II) – Affects how the body uses fat and protein
    Growth Hormone (GH) – Regulates growth, decreases signs of aging
    Transforming Growth Factor - a (TGF- a) – Assists in formation and repair of connective tissue, bone and cartilage
    Transforming Growth Factor - b (TGF - b) – Helps repair tissue, supports growth of the lining of the gut. Shown to produce cell destruction in certain human cancers.
    Platelet-Derived Growth Factor (PDGF) – Stimulates growth of connective tissue, plays a role in wound repair and helps with cell division and neuron survival and regeneration
    Gonadotropin-Releasing Hormone (GnRH) – Stimulates release of follicle-stimulating hormone, and gonadotropic substances
    Prolactin – Similar to Growth Hormone
    Insulin – Responsible for proper metabolism of blood sugar
    Sulfur – An important building block of proteins
    Vitamins and Other Nutrients
    Vitamin B6 – Produces serotonin, utilization of amino acids
    Vitamin B12 – Normal development of red blood cells
    Vitamin E – Antioxidant, supports wound repair and immune function
    Vitamin A (from carotene) – Resistance to pathogenic invasion, maintains cell integrity
    Vitamin C – Antioxidant, immune system support
    Thiamin (Vitamin B1) – Metabolism of carbohydrates, energy
    Folic Acid – Cell replication and tissue growth
    Pantothenic Acid – Metabolism of fats, carbohydrates and protein
    Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) – Energy production, tissue repair, healthy eyes
    Beta-carotene - Antioxidant
    Glycoconjugates – Carbohydrates that link to lipids and proteins
    Glycogen – Converts into glucose when needed by tissues
    Retinoic Acid – Metabolite of Vitamin A, used in treatment of acn
    Calcium – Maintains strong, healthy bones, activates enzymes
    Chromium – Glucose metabolism disorders, body fat reduction
    Iron – Oxygen transport and storage, energy, immune support
    Magnesium – Muscle relaxation, assists with normal brain function
    Phosphorus – Strengthens bones and teeth
    Potassium – helps maintain normal blood pressure, maintains fluid balance in cells
    Sodium – Cell membrane integrity, plays important role in nerve function
    Zinc – Synthesis of DNA and RNA, activates Vitamin A
    Essential Amino Acids
    Isoleucine – Assists in muscle development & repair, helps regulate blood sugar
    Leucine – Involved in muscle repair, wound healing and hormone production
    Histidine – Involved in growth and tissue repair
    Methionine – Antioxidant, collagen synthesis, helps support healthy cardiovascular function
    Lysine – Aids in calcium absorption, helps regulate antibody and enzyme production
    Threonine – Stimulates antibody production
    Phenylalanine – Assists neurotransmitter function, increases “feel good” chemicals in brain
    Valine – Regulates energy, aids growth and repair of muscle tissue
    Tryptophan – Stimulates niacin production, precursor for serotonin
    Nonessential Amino Acids
    Arginine – Stimulates GH, immune function, promotes wound repair and muscle growth
    Cystine – An antioxidant involved in collagen synthesis
    Glutanic Acid – Helps transport potassium to the brain, implicated in neurological conditions
    Alanine – Involved in glucose metabolism
    Tyrosine – Regulate mood, may improve memory, appetite suppressant
    Glycine – Helps decrease muscle wasting, aids in glycogen storage
    Proline – Aids in wound repair and collagen synthesis
    Aspartic Acid – Helps synthesis of DNA, RNA, Ig and antibodies, involved in energy metabolism
    Serine – Involved in fat metabolism and muscle growth, noted moisturizer
    Additional Factors Found in Colostrum
    Beta 2- microglobulin – Components of many cell membranes including leukocytes
    Enzymes – Induce chemical changes in the body
    Haemopexin – Iron-binding protein
    Haptoglobulin – Glycoproteins that aid the recycling of iron
    Lactoperoxidase – An antioxidant
    Orotic Acid – Precursor to certain nucleotides
    Peroxidase – Transfers oxygen to tissues, helps prevent free radical damage
    Xanthine Oxidase Enzyme – Enzyme involved in conversion of hypoxanthine to xanthine
    Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Bifidobacterium, Lactobacillus Bifidus – Help restore a supportive bacterial environment in the body


  5. Quote Originally Posted by stryder
    hot damn you're good! One order coming right up..

  6. High Quality LongJack, I have been searching all over the web. Maybe someone in the business would have better luck than me.

  7. Would you guys be able to get Now Spirulina Powder in?

  8. Speaking of NOW products, when will you have some more psyllium husk powder in stock. All I see is WHOLE psyllium husk powder and the caps, I like the pure extract powder best.
    ~ Nothing can kill the Grimace!!

  9. Hyaluronic Acid

    Can you get NOW's Hyaluronic Acid? I want to give it a try.
  10. Re: Hyaluronic Acid

    Quote Originally Posted by drunk
    Can you get NOW's Hyaluronic Acid? I want to give it a try.
    Ordering it now!
  11. Re: Hyaluronic Acid

    Quote Originally Posted by stryder
    Ordering it now!
    Are you getting more NOW Nettle Root Extract too? You got some in as per my request before (thanks by the way!), but by the time I made my order it was out of stock

  12. Can you carry ELITE WHEY (dymatize) in 2lbs? They have a lot of flavors and I would like to try some of them but don't want to buy 5lbs to eventually see I don't like the taste.

  13. Quote Originally Posted by Rostam
    Can you carry ELITE WHEY (dymatize) in 2lbs? They have a lot of flavors and I would like to try some of them but don't want to buy 5lbs to eventually see I don't like the taste.
    Will look into it

  14. NOW St John's Wort in 250 cap bottles.

  15. not sure its even available yet but i really want vpx's zero impact MRP. the protein powder is available now and i think the MRP packets just came out.

  16. not sure if it's been stated, but some bulk leucine would be great.

    also, some magnesium caps (just magnesium) by someone like NOW would also be nice

  17. If you were to get these, then I could do all my shopping at NP:

    MRM's BCAA + G and their Relax-All


    Bulk Choline (e.g. Alpha-GPC) & L-Tyrosine


  18. L-Leucine

    Ketoconazole powder or if possible Ketoconazole powder 2% - 5 % premade in a formula however we can make our own stuff if its not possible. and of course the highest quality.

  19. one more for MRM Relax-all... Also, more nootropic items such as aniracetam, vinpocetine, oxiracetam, etc. Artichoke extract would be nice as well.

  20. Yeah, bulk leucine and also carnosine would be great!

  21. bulk 3,4-divanillyltetrahydrofuran 95%. It's out there, I've seen it! This would go great with your NP ATD

    EDIT: I was just looking around and didn't see a private label ZMA product. What do you say to that one? Heh [nudges NP]
    Last edited by stxnas; 09-05-2006 at 08:38 AM.

  22. 19 pages of product requests is quite a assured that I will look into every single one.

    Starting from the last page, though, not sure on the legality of the Keto.

    Leucine will be in soon.
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  23. Talking

    Quote Originally Posted by Orgoonian
    Universal's Shock Therapy in the grape flavor please

    Yes I second that. I want the grape flavor of Shock Therapy too, please!
    I would also like to see some lactase pills. E.g. Nature's Way lactase enzyme 100 caps.
    Nature's Way Alive mutivitamins will be nice too. TIA

  24. QUESTION: We are going to do an NP brand multi. What would determine, other than price, whether you purchased our brand or another name brand? If there is a profile that you prefer (NOW's ADAM, etc.) list it here and I will analyze all of them to decide.

    Once we decide, I will post the profile and cost estimate to see how many are interested.
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  25. Cernitin Pollen


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