Yet another product request

  1. Yet another product request

    Just a quick product request, for xtreme formulations liquid chalk. This is a great product, as it's non-greasy, and not messy like actual chalk is.

    And perhaps there could be a sticky thread put up for product requests, in order to avoid the clutter that's occuring with these type of threads.

  2. He's got a sticky posted at the nutraplanet forum for product requests. He checks it often.

    This sounds like a good product by the way. I would be interested in giving it a try.


    there you go. But i'm sure he'll put one up here too.

  4. Cool, I hadn't frequented that message forum before. It is a very good product, only complaint I've had with it is the bottle's sprayer tends to clog occasionally, but that's very minor.

  5. Getting that won't be a problem. Will let you know the cost and ETA Monday. When I get the go ahead I'll place the order and let you know when it arrives.

    BTW that is a good product...

  6. Excellent news, it'll be a few weeks before I place another order, but it'll certainly be included in the next one I make.

    With how quickly you seem to make things happen, I think you may just get all of my supplement business from here on out.


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