Canadian gives Nutraplanet mad props

  1. Canadian gives Nutraplanet mad props

    I just gotta send a shoutout to Nutraplanet. I placed my first order through them, and somewhat nervously awaited shipment, as one item, Rebound XT, could very easily be stopped by Canadian customs. But lo and behold, a little more than a week later the package arrived with no problems whatsoever. I used to order almost exclusively through a competitor, but Nutraplanet is very rapidly gaining a comparable amount of products to choose from, with a multitude of reasonable shipping options for Canadian customers to choose from, and with awesome prices to boot. I'll definitely continue to send my supplement dollars this way!

  2. true that

  3. good news on the patiently waiting for mine to pass!!!!!

  4. I'm not certain whether customs opened up this package or not, as there was no duty or other fees to be paid when I received the goods. I can see how it could easily be blocked by customs based on the active ingredient name, it's "close enough" to andro that they'd block it simply on suspicion.

  5. Glad to hear you got your order with no problems max. To be honest I've had one customer complain that customs nabbed his Rebound...can't remember if it was Canada or not. May have been another country.

  6. well...6-OXO is now legal here and apparantly so is yohimbine i dont think RXT would have a problem.

  7. They kick ass in the States too. Really enjoy getting those free sample one serving packets of various goodies with my order!
    Great to test drive products before purchasing.
    Thanks Bro!

  8. Well, I guess I'm going to Nutraplanet.

  9. bump for the canadians.....

    got my last package with no probs and quick! no freebies though *sad*

  10. Big Old Bump.. I just recieved a rather large order of goodies.. That included 3 bottles of a product that I did have siezed from another company... cAMP. (contains a recently recalled substance in canada.. FORSKOLIN is a no no here.. )

    Quote Originally Posted by From customs report of examination for customs entry
    Particularly, the cAMPhilbolic contains C. Forskhilii that poses a health risk and presently under Type II recall (Health Canada and retail outlets.. etc.)

    Luckily I was able to have customs return to sender... so everyone was happy.

    I ordered everything one afternoon.. it shipped that same afternoon and I recieved it withing a week. And it included a free bottle of Legal gears Powertrain...

    I love nutraplanet.

    Edit.. just wanted to add, It's not my experience that customs is a hick organization that does things without proper identification and reasons. The items I have had seized were clearly documented with a reason according to current canadian laws. They don't stop shipments unless they are in breach of the law. At least that's my experience. Now paper work, that leaves out specific details will go along way in helping certain products get through.. cause lets face it.. customs has a **** load of boxes to go through, and they don't have the time to check each individual container for a ingrediance lists.. etc.

    And unless your talking about something obviously illegal like test, and deca etc.. don't be afraid to call them, they will undestand that it's hard to know what is legal and what is not, and they will usually ship it back to sender, which will help you get your money back.. or a reship. There not all arseholes, they are just doing their job.

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