Two thumbs upp for nutraplanet

  1. Thumbs up Two thumbs upp for nutraplanet

    Friday the 18/3-05 I ordered some alcar and citruline powder from nutraplanet
    monday the 21/3-05 I recived a email notice that the powders were shipped

    Tuesday 22/3 (today) this morning the postman came knocking on my door with the goods.

    Incredible fast shippment considering that the order were made right before the weekend..

    I live in Europe and used Global Express Mail (EMS) 3-5 days delivery. I higly recommend others in Europe to use the same shippment option and stock your supplys at nutraplanet..

    two thumbs upp for you STRYDER and NUTRAPLANET..


  2. Sam's the man, fo' sho' !!!

  3. Bump for more people to see how fast and good nutraplanet is!

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