Penetrate dried skin

  1. Penetrate dried skin

    It looks like penetrate dried my skin completley. from the looks of it some of the PH is not getting in as there is white dried powder where the skin in dry, this is in line with transdermal science - no water=no penetration. other places where not dry - no problems.

    problem is I rather put on my knees (where the skin has dried) and not on arms/sholders, cause of my girlfriend touching arms and shoulders, and my knees deserving the 19-nor .

    any solution? should I use some moisturizing cream before or after? should I add some moisturizing agent or aloe to penetrate?

  2. I always use moisturizers well after the TD's have dried and have maintained the same results as when I was afraid to use them. Although I have never used Penetrate, I'm sure it would be similar.

  3. Thanks! what kind have you used (i.e vaselin, olis, body lotions or others)

  4. I'd go with an aloe based lotion, I remember reading somewhere around here about it helping with transdermals...will have to dig around and see if I can find it.

  5. OK can't find that thread, it was an old one and a search came to no avail...from the top of my head I believe the aloe was a good choice because it has a ph value almost identical to skin and for it's moisturizing properties...or something to that effect

  6. So would putting the moisturizer on first help with getting more of it into ur system? Or should you just put it on after to make sure it doesnt dry out ur skin?

  7. I use Aveeno. You should put it on well after the TD has dried. I apply the TD in the morning and the Aveeno a few hours later. Then, the night dose is about 2 hours before I put on lotion before bed. Even if you just used the lotion once per day it makes a huge difference. I remember reading what Sam was just talking about (Aloe). But from my personal experience, using it in this fashion doesn't seem to inhibit absorption as long as you apply the TD just after a shower.

  8. Like SJA said, I would recommend using it after the dermal has completely dried...

  9. I think the aloe recommendation came from nsruffryder or however he spelt his name. I noticed the white powder residue as well but it is easily alleviated. Just get some dmso and mix it with distilled water in a 20:80 ratio. Put it in a spray bottle and apply it before and after the Penetrate application. This will increase the effectiveness of Penetrate and alleviates any reside left behind. After 30-45 mins you can apply a moisturizer if necessary.


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