Product request

  1. Product request

    Curious if you can stock uni-liver.
    Tired of ordering just 1 item from DPS.


  2. I can get them in, no problem.

    250 tabs: $6.50
    500 tabs: $11.50

    I know it's a little more than DPS...just let me know if it works for you and I can get it in by Tuesday or Wednesday.

  3. Ya works for me. saves vs shipping.
    plus rather give $$ to a board supporter.
    500 ct.


  4. Thanks for the support Forster! Will get it in ASAP and let you know when it arrives.

    Thank you.

  5. Buy the Beverly Liver tabs, Ultra 40, they are better. Nutraplant carries them

    Has Nutraplanet considering carrying Beverly Int. Ultimate Muscle Protein? It is a great protein.

  6. Uni-Liver in stock

  7. And added to order thnx

    And order shipped 16 mins after placed, talk about amazing service

    Last edited by Forster; 03-16-2005 at 06:07 PM.

  8. OK, I'll bite. How are you guys dosing this? Are you just using this as an amino acid source? Liver supps are kind of old school, so I'm out-of-touch with the conventional wisdom about their the purpose.

  9. I just use it as a cheap easy way to make sure i get enough amino acids and tiny bit of extra protien in esp. when cutting.

    I take around 12-18 a day.

    some report bad odors, but i've never had that problem.

  10. Curious what price and if you can get Nordic Naturals ProOmega .

    fish oil caps. thnx

  11. Quote Originally Posted by Forster
    Curious what price and if you can get Nordic Naturals ProOmega .

    fish oil caps. thnx
    $18.95 stock it, just out right now. More coming in soon.


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