mmm pudding...

  1. Question mmm pudding...

    Right, so has anyone tried these?
    Looks good, oftentimes I crave a treat but want to make sure I get my protein. These are pre-packaged, etc.

  2. I've been thinking about it. Let us know if you get some.

  3. why is this in sldge's forum?

  4. I've tried both, they are ok.
    Expensive and they need more flavor added.

  5. My wife LOVES the chocolate pudding from Stallone.

    Um.. but Beelzebub has a good point... why is this in the DS section?


  6. My bad, I was on my first sip of coffee this morning (not fully awake) when I posted the question and I thought I was on the NutraPlanet section. Please move thread. Thanks.

  7. Its soy protein, so why bother. Its not really worth the money in my opinion. Stallone was on Jay Leno on Thursday last week. Jay was eating one of those puddings, it was a really small can. AnyWhey you can just add whey to some sugar free pudding if you really want pudding with protein in it. Some soy protein is ok, but I don't need a whole case of soy protein pudding, and I wouldn't buy that small ass can for $1.50.

  8. well said, T.

  9. I think it is a great item for women. Certainly better than a bar. Which, by the way, if you use bars you may want to check the label, most of which contain soy protein, often as the first type listed.

    As for the price, it's not bad compared to a bar either. That's all it is really; an alternative to a bar.

    I do agree in that I, personally, do not find it an attractive item for me.

  10. I ahve not tired these but I am certain I will.

    Here is another option for pudding that I use to make my own. Obviously, one can adjust ingredients as needed, but this recipe mixes well and has a good texture.
    Recipe for the pudding:
    1 box low carb powder choc. pudding
    3 scoops choc protein powder
    2 tblspoon peanut butter
    2 cups cold skim milk (may need more if not mixing)

    Pudding(1 39gram pack): Cal.=140, Pro.= 0g, Carbs= 32g, Fat=0
    Prot. Pwd(3 scoops): Cal.=300, Pro.=54g, Carbs=12g, Fat=5g
    Skim Milk(2 cups): Cal.=180, Pro.=18g, Carbs=26g, Fat=0
    Peanut Butter Natural( 2Tbsp):Cal.=200, Pro.= 9g, Carbs=12g, Fat=12g

    Total Mixture: Cal.=820, Pro= 81g, Carbs:82g, Fat=17g

    Blend and put in fridge. No heat needed. You can also increase the protein powder and decrease the peanut butter. There are manner changes you can make to have a good snack.

  11. Thanks for moving this thread.
    Also, I did not notice it contains soy protein, maybe I'll buy some for my Mom, she takes estroven and the like type supplements, so extra soy should be good for her.

    Thanks for the recipe Size, I think I'll make some of that today hehe.


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