Vitamin stock request

  1. Vitamin stock request


    In trying to rid myself of acne, I ask that you restock Pantothenic Acid (I need to pick up 5+ bottles - the 250ct bottles would be even better) and also stock some Vitamin A.

    Thanks bro!

  2. Me too! I could use some Pantothenic Acid. I have vit. A. how

    much do you think i should take to get similar effects to accutane??

    Anybody know?

  3. I haven't found a dosage for Vit A that compares to Accutane yet. I'm still looking though. If you find it before me, let me know.

  4. You got it, sorry it's been out for awhile. Should have some in very soon...will let you know when it's in.

  5. Awesome. Thanks bro!

  6. sounds solid...i need some more as well

  7. yep would be nice... also if you could carry it in bulk powder..

    OT: stryder your site really slows down when trying to load that 753kb banner.. lolz.. making it in jpeg format instead of a bitmap would be better. It could it could really optimize your site and make transactions faster =)

  8. In stock now, 100 caps and now 250's...will look into powder.

  9. I've never had any luck with B5 even at 10g/day for two months. Is there something else I should take to potentiate it's effects? I've used Seasthin though with outstanding results.

  10. Seasthin for acne?? How much of that did you take.

  11. I've heard some people swear by zinc but not sure at what dose...


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