What's the word on additions to powders?

  1. What's the word on additions to powders?

    Anything new on the horizon? Just wondering if anything else came out of the bulk powder thread...


    Thanks Stryder!

  2. Trying to find good sources as of now...you're the first to mention trib, if I have enough requests I will pick it up, but have to find one that is standardized with a high amount of protodioscin (sp?).

    The following are the "new" bulk items:

    androstenetrione powder
    yohimbine HCL powder
    milk thistle powder
    piracetam powder
    citrulline malate

  3. Sounds good....thanks for the update Stryder

  4. Stryder...

    Any requests for Di-Arginine maleate? If not, consider that one....

    I am deciding on whether or not to go with a pre-mixed CEE product....

    Or buy the bulk products....this would be one addition to the powders that I would want for the cocktail...and I know its not the most available bulk supp....


  5. No requests for that yet, and I don't know of a source for that right now...my supplier might be able to custom order it. Any idea on what the going selling price is right now? Want to make sure I can get a good pricing to sell it competitively.

  6. I've been paying 35 bucks for 500 grams....not sure how competitive it is because like I said, I don't know of many places to buy....



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