Designer LX/GXR Reduced Price

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by Warthog
    Cool beans, i think i got my package today from Nutraplanet, but it was left down at the leasing office at my aparment complex and i was too buy to run down there. 3 days shipping at 4dollars and some change aint bad at all.
    Well i thought i had gotten my order, but apparently not. Went down to the leasing office and it wasnt a package for me, but for my roomate. Its been 4 days now and no package....hmmmmm. The priority shipping said 2-3 days and usually it comes in 3. Will have to check the tracking and hopefully it will come today.

  2. Checked the tracking # and it said it was delivered on the 9th (2 days ago) Nothing was left at the leasing office on it. Ill have to go down there and check once again.

  3. Warthog, what was your order #?

    Check again with your leasing office and I'll check with my local PO and see if I can find anything out.

  4. Everythings cool.....they had it in the back of the leasing office. 3 days it took to ship. Nice service!!!

    p.s. thanks for the offer to check up on it


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