Cre-Ethyl Thunder Now in Stock

  1. Cre-Ethyl Thunder Now in Stock

    Omega Sports Next Generation Creatine--Cre-Ethyl Thunder, now available!


  2. Already ordered a bottle from Custom. If I like I'll alternate between you and Matt, just to spread what little I've got around most of the sponsors.

    I don't doubt I will like this product too. It's targetted, not like too much was squeezed into it making it ineffective. That's what I tend to like in such products. Two to three ingredients in effective doses rather than the whole pharmacy in small ineffective doses.

  3. I appreciate it CDB...let us know how it works out for you.

  4. All set to make an order and I see this evil red text next to the cet picture in my shopping basket.

    Any idea when this will be back in stock?

  5. Hopefully sometime this week...will let you know when it's up.


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