Package Is Going To Wrong Address

  1. Package Is Going To Wrong Address

    Hey guys,

    I placed an order recently and noticed, when I went to track it, that I sent it to my old address. It had just shipped that day, so I thought maybe I could save it from going to Jersey. I called NP Customer Service and talked to some guy, explained the situation and he said it shouldn't be a problem. I gave him the new address, and he said he'll take care of it. He said he'll give me a call if there's any problem, which he doesn't think there will be, and I didn't hear from him afterward, so, no problem right? Well, my package is in New Jersey. I live in Florida now.

  2. Typically, once a package is in the shipping process with ups or fedex, those carriers, ups and fedex will charge a fee to reroute the package. Like a 10$ fee or something, which NP might have to pay and then they will charge you that which you should gladly pay since it was your mistake. Maybe they caught it before it actually left the facility which in that case, you lucked out!

    I had to do this in the past.. shiat happens.
    Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Representative

  3. It'll be here today.

  4. Hope you got your shipment before Xmas; if there is any outstanding concerns let me know and I'll look into it for you

  5. All good. Thanks, chief.
    Celtic Labs Rep

  6. Good to see they took care of you!

    Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Representative


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