Labor Day Sale?

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by Mack411 View Post
    Sadly nothing worth me going for
    Same.. This'll be the first NP sale That I don't buy anything from

  2. Not impressed

  3. nothing on my list although the Tropinol XP + Intimidate SRT is a killer steal.

    I'm getting some dry rub for the future in addition to eviscerate and abliterate.


  4. Pretty disappointed with this sale. I won't be picking anything up.

  5. I bought some cheap ass digestive enzymes, multivitamin, and a $15 prewo..I'm happy
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  6. Depends what you're looking for. Aside from a restock of my staples, I picked up
    Agmatine 25g
    Scivation Whey
    Sesamin Softgels Blowoutl
    And a few other goodies. Also some Dymatize Elite XT Blueberry to go with my oats.

  7. Just a heads up they added Round 2, still nothing for me but a few highlights:

    Abyss $19.44

    Versa-1 $29.99

    GlycoMyx(18S) $7.14

    Demiurge: $22.82

  8. Yeah,but some of the prices are not what is listed!
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  9. Quote Originally Posted by Mack411 View Post
    Yeah,but some of the prices are not what is listed!
    We only had certain amounts of some products and if we can out you might see some products in stock at the regular price instead of the labor day sale price.

  10. Carbonite Stack please!


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