Quantum View and Signature series.

  1. Quantum View and Signature series.

    Hello Stryder,
    welcome back.

    O.k so you've implemented a signature DHL delivery system for U.S user's which is good.

    May I suggest you set up quantum View from USPS int. because having about $700 worth of product somewhere but at my house and it being very late- sucks!

    and with quantum view you can track it day by day and call people if theres a hold up and see whats happening to/with it.

    if it costs more- so be it- Id rather have it then the other.


  2. I haven't even heard of it, but that sounds like a very useful tool for international orders. I'll check with my PO Monday and try to get some info on how to implement that into the site.

    Thanks for the suggestion!

  3. yeah'

    That's good'
    Breifley as soon as they get the package the label it and send the reciver a email(maybe host as well??)
    it states time of pick up, location and where it's going.
    then daily it states whats happening ot the package i.e transit or examination, time of day and location

    so you know where its been, where it is and all that.

    beats me watsing your time, when I could call/email them to see whats happening.

    This one time, I had a bb.com package-But since I tracked it, I saw it stalled at live entry stage- nothing was happening.

    called this girl up and was like, eh 'YO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and they were like OHHHHHHHH we had to remove an item due to it being a p.h and since they didnt have permission to open it- the couldnt cover it if anything was missing- but if I could send em an invoice or item listing they would check it n send it.

    I sent it and got it two days later minus m1t.

    so its good like that- right now im like- where............the.......... ............****.............. ..........are................. ...........my................. .................****in....... .......................motherf uckin.......................pa ckaGEESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!

  4. The signature DHL delivery system is a nice addition. I just got an order from stryder the other day and DHL left the package on my doorstep. Unfortunately it rained that day so who knows how long it sat out there. Needless to say the box was completely soaked but thanks to stryder's excellent packing everything inside was nice and dry.

    USPS' tracking is somewhat sketchy. I've sent and received numerous packages and I'd say about 15% of them weren't scanned into the system until they were delivered so you could confirm delivery but not track it.

    Of course every mailing company has its benefits and drawbacks: these are just some of my experiences.

  5. Doing a little bit of homework, it looks like Quantum View is a UPS feature only; and because I don't have UPS at the moment, I won't be able to use it's feature. If you want to be able to track international orders, I believe DHL provides tracking and transit information.

  6. YEah' UPS, your right
    Thats cool- I tried looking at the tracking number threw the history feature.
    it says if its just been sent- theres no tracking or theres just no tracking- even on ones if already received.

    ****in sucks, man........................... .....


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