Props to Customer Service

  1. Props to Customer Service

    Just got a recent order in and just so happened that a 25mg tab bottle of Aggression was shipped out as the 12.5's. I emailed customer service, had an email back within the day saying that they would send me another bottle of 12.5's to compensate. That's good quality customer service. Thanks

  2. Agreed.

    Fast and courteous everytime. Corrects mistakes in a flash.

    And those prices

  3. made my first order the other day, very pleased with products prices, and customer service, great operation

  4. Just wanted to bump this thread. I recently placed an order with Nutraplanet that arrived a few days later, was impressed with how quickly my order was processed, everything arrived in good condition, and I will deff be using Nutraplanet again!

    Props to them, they are fitting in nicely with our other great board sponsors

  5. I just received my first order from Nutra Planet and I must say that I had an extremely good experience. Stryder is a stand-up guy, shipping was very fast and the packaging was the best I've ever seen. Great job!

  6. Bump

    I placed an order around mid-day 01/12, and received it today. Keep in mind this is being shipped from GA to CT.

    Good job as always, Stryder

  7. Stryder resolved an issue for me in the most professional manner (and the issue was my fault, not his). What a stand-up guy! You're business will surely continue to grow with customer service like this!

  8. He is great on shipping issues to Canada as well.

  9. Yeah, Nutraplanet rocks, better service and prices than 1fast400.

  10. Ouch, what did I do wrong

  11. Quote Originally Posted by 1Fast400
    Ouch, what did I do wrong
    Yeah, that was a low blow. You guys have great service.

  12. Quote Originally Posted by 1Fast400
    Ouch, what did I do wrong're golden as far as I'm concerned. Hopefully we can get you over here as a board supporter too.?.

  13. Quote Originally Posted by unitas27
    Yeah, Nutraplanet rocks, better service and prices than 1fast400.
    Thanks unitas, to say that my customer service is even halfway comparable to 1fast's is a major compliment I'd be honored to receive. Thanks
  14. ItriedtoripoffBobosonowIamgonehaveaniceday
    ItriedtoripoffBobosonowIamgonehaveaniceday's Avatar

    Gentlemen play nice! I have ordered from both and both have great prices and quick shipping! I do have to say Mike that Sam does beat you in pricing on quite a few products, but you do have more of a selection in products since you have been around for a while. I think both companies are great though honestly and I for one would welcome mike and bulk in being board supporters!


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