New Nutraplanet Gym Bag

  1. New Nutraplanet Gym Bag

    It's been talked about for years, but it's finally here!
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    Custom NutraPlanet Gym Bag: All-In-One, Stylish, & Very Durable!

    Tired of lugging your workout gear in that old bag thatís falling apart? Upgrade to the new custom Nutraplanet gym bag! With its durable construction, itíll hold all of your workout essentials and it will help you support your favorite supplement company in true style! This unique and custom gym bag holds it's own and looks great, but it would truly look even better on YOU!
    This Custom Nutraplanet Gym Bag Features:

    • Zippered side and front pockets to safely stow your gear
    • Mesh compartments in front pocket to organize your belongings
    • Top zippered pocket with soft interior lining perfect for your phone, MP3 player, or keys
    • Headphone port so you can listen to your tunes
    • Padding on handhold and on shoulder strap for comfort while carrying your bag

    With these great features, you donít have to sacrifice form for function or vice versa. So quit fighting the inevitable.....You can get the best of both worlds with the Nutraplanet gym bag!

    NutraPlanet NutraPlanet Gym Bag: Discount NutraPlanet Gym Bag Supplements

  2. In need of a new bag

  3. Nice!. About time!. I'm sick of those tiny little drawstring bags. To me the only bag with a drawstring should be a trashbag!. Looks great!. I just put in an order a week ago though so I'm gonna have to wait to get one of those bags!

  4. Gym bags are always a nice touch!
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