The unofficial official nutraplanet needs a shopping app thread

  1. The unofficial official nutraplanet needs a shopping app thread

    I am a busy person. I do about 90% of my retail shopping on the amazon app on my iPhone or iPad. Nutras website is terrible on safari on the phone and iPad, and I rarely go on the computer any more. If nutra just had an app for iOS and android it would be so much easier to blow my hard earned cash and I would make a lot more purchases. Anyone else agree!??

  2. what about just a mobile friendly website to open with safari?
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  3. I second this or at least a mobile friendly version .
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  4. Lets make sum noise!!! I've made this suggestion several times over the last 2 years. Can't believe they haven't caught up with the times. They're missing out and so are we!!

  5. agreed
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  6. +1 NP can rock with either an app or mobile friendly website.
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  7. Agreed, it would be such an easier experience ordering with my phone if they had a mobile friendly site.

  8. and pay pal would be nice

  9. Sign me up for an iOS app.

  10. An android app would be nice.

  11. Agreed! An app would be nice, but even just make the site more mobile friendly would work too.

  12. Quote Originally Posted by edje007
    and pay pal would be nice
    From what I have heard pay pal isn't going to happen again. Sure would be nice though.

  13. Why wouldn't they throw together a swank app that saves ur payment info and makes it easy to shop???? I don't get it


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