SciFit TZ3

  1. SciFit TZ3

    Now in stock!

  2. yo u are the man strydr..cheaper too from the prices i have seen...def gonna be picking up a few bottles after payday thurs..thanx for ordering

  3. Has anyone had success with this type of product?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by size
    Has anyone had success with this type of product?

  5. in theory it sounds good. but I'd like to hear feedback also.

  6. well here like 7 reveiws on fora-t on mike's site..all positive..i should get mine today or def not looking for ps/ph like results

  7. In my opinion, this will be a comparable if not better (I'm leaning towards better) than the Forza-T. The mgs is no comparison. It contains the same amount of 6-oxo as the Forza with less caps, but has 1000 mgs of the standardized Trib compared to only 190 mgs. Also it has more ZMA as well...

  8. I will give this a try come late Jan. or early Feb. Hopefully, it will work.

  9. i started today..2 caps a day

  10. Quote Originally Posted by wojo
    i started today..2 caps a day
    Keep us updated. I have a few pictures of that chick in your avatar. I like her.

  11. u should see her

  12. I have no proof, but the word is that scifit has issues with
    quality, and consistancy in meeting label claims. Just hearing that
    makes me shaky about purchasing a product from them.....

  13. yea i hear this all the time but the people who actually take the stuff say its good ..we shall see

  14. is it?

  15. lol sorry it took me so long..i def like it..sleep a lot rid of some chest fat..def a nice boost so!to speak too..prob gonna try another bottle but i wanan take a month off and go back on..weird tho i seem to ahve more energy throughout the day maybe my test levels were low before hand

  16. Quote Originally Posted by wojo
    ..sleep a lot better..weird tho i seem to ahve more energy throughout the day maybe my test levels were low before hand
    I would attribute the energy to better sleep.

  17. Any new input Wojo?

  18. yea im sorry i havent been around lot of upheavel at work..i def will use this again..i notied i was tighter on im now off it for a week..i slept a lot better..and had a very nice surge in libido..def did what i hope..great pct product or jsut all around solid product to use..dont expect ph gains or such..but i will def will use it again

  19. I started taking TZ3 right after a cycle of Finadrol to maintain my testoterone levels and after the one bottle I went on and took another. I noticed pretty good results. My only dislike was I tended to get pissed pretty easily.


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