The majority of my workouts were crossift ago thistle view is in respect to that style of workout.

Mixability- mixed in a shaker with little to no effort! No clumps, no particular not dissolving!

Taste- typically not fan of fruit punch anything, but this wasn't sweet like most fruit punch and it was smooth. Definitely in my top 3 fruit punch flavors for me.

Energy- energy was through the roof! Even on 1/2 scoop(1 serving) the dosage might look low but don't be fooled 1/2 school was enough for any workout I wanted to do.

Focus- I drive 10 minutes to my gym and on the way i literally felt the focus kick in! I saint feel it kick in like that first day the rest of the log but in the gym the focus was there everytime.

I played around with my dosage the whole time. I found that 1/2 scoop was good enough for any workout, I scoop was a little too much for me if the workout was fast paced but great on a strength day, there was a great mind to muscle connection. When in buy a tub ill probably go 1/2 to 3/4 scoop the majority of the time and really stretch out the servings. Game Day is a potent preworkout!

Thanks Man Sports for the product!