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    Dj Beanpole this has nothing to do with titanium. But u seem pretty knowledgeable and I respect your opinion. What's your take on cutting while on creatine? Do or don't? Possible or not?
    Alright man didn't want you to think I had forgotten about you. I think the whole aspect of having creatine on/off with a cut kind of depends on your overall goal. For most the main endgame from a cut is reduction in body fat % for a leaner appearance. This not only includes actual fat itself, but also some water/glycogen disposal as well. One of creatine monohydrates greatest abilities is to saturate the muscle cells with water because as we all know a hydrated muscle is a more anabolic muscle. But if you are trying to reduce overall body weight, including the excess water, adding creatine to a cut is kind of hindering your ability to do so. However... if you are looking to maintain your strength/endurance/recovery, while still having a some fuller/larger look to your muscle bellies (and potentially appearing slightly more "bloated" due to the excess water weight creatine provides... moreso bloat with loading versus creatine-cruising lol) then keeping creatine around would be a good idea.

    So you have to ask yourself which version of yourself you'd like to see in the mirror. Either way I don't think there is a wrong answer. I've been on creatine for nearly 2 years straight and have gone through at least two "cuts" and didn't notice any negative effects. I will however be ending my creatine usage in the near future so my opinion on that may change! I do notice an increase in strength when on it though!

  2. Yeah I concur with that as well, I haven't seen any real downsides to it honestly.
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