Do you guys ship to APO?

  1. Do you guys ship to APO?

    Ive had stuff sent when I was deployed before, I am ordering stuff now and when I get to the click and pay portion when I click on the shipping and continue, it just resets the page.

    any ideas

  2. Not sure about the page resetting, but they do ship to APO. I just input the APO info on the regular shipping page and it works for me everytime.
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  3. not working for me, i hit the little radial button click pay and continue and it unclicks the radial for me. ,
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  4. no one from NP ? damn

  5. Hey OB,
    We're here. I was just waiting to see if someone who ships to APO would confirm it first hand. We do ship to APO.
    I'll shoot you a PM to try and sort it out.

  6. Many thanks buddy! Deployed blogging


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