First Flavored Agmatine Sulfate Powder

  1. First Flavored Agmatine Sulfate Powder

    Check out the huge sale for our new Watermelon Flavored Agmatine powder. Only company with this option. 60 servings for $16.88

    Genomyx Agmatine Sulfate (Flavored) (60 Servings): Discount Agmatine Sulfate Supplements

  2. Tastes great too. I got some tubs with my CREignite orders.

  3. Nice thanks Jwa. We also have Fruit Punch coming out for Creignite and Agmatine which are spot on as well
  4. AnabolicMinds Site Rep
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    The job done on the flavoring in Creignite honestly blew me away, best tasting supplement I have used to date. Taking a good long look at the while product line now, interested to try more
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  5. Wow thanks very much Driven. Very much appreciated. We've had our ups and downs with flavoring in the past but we have really dialed it in so that all of our products haver very good and unique flavors.

  6. I would easily say you are on the up now,CREignite is amazing,flavor and profile!
    mack @
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  7. Great job by your flavor guru...all your products are delicious!
    Always open light. Itís not what you open with, itís what you finish with. Louie Simmons

  8. Appreciate it. I will relay for sure

  9. Sounds awesome!

    If only someone were to send me some for free ....

  10. Smart idea IMO. Make a cherry, and I'll buy it. No cherry, no purchase
    Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Representative


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