3-Alpha Powder

  1. 3-Alpha Powder

    For those who have preordered the 3-Alpha powder, I apologize for the long wait. I see some of you have been waiting almost 10 days. As a token of my appreciation for your patience, all orders containing 5 grams or more will receive an additional 10% more for free.

    Thanks guys, and Merry Christmas

  2. WOW! You are the man Stryder. Thank You, and Happy Holidays as well.


  3. that rocks!

  4. E****lent customer service and business principals Stryder. You are gaining a following quite quickly.

  5. Awesome Stryder, just awesome. You are setting the bar on customer service and importance that few shall ever hope to acheive. Keep up the good work!
    ~ Nothing can kill the Grimace!!

  6. damn its been 10 days? 10=10% can u wait 20 days? hehe

    appreciate it but u did after all call it a "pre-sale" no biggie but thank you

  7. Thanks for the understanding wojo

    The 3-alpha has finally arrived!

    All orders placed prior to today (12/22) will receive the 10% free product...


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