Omega Sports Strive

  1. Omega Sports Strive

    I noticed the picture changed. Any chance of a welcome back sale, Nutraplanet style?

  2. Knowing Omega, it's definitely in the realm of possible. Heck it's probably likely just need Matt or Darren to chime in here; NP and Omega have always had a good relationship

  3. It really is a great product. I know it's expensive to make, but look at the ingredients! Very high quality! C'mon Darren or Matt, let's make this happen!

  4. In the works. I will say this, definitely the absolute BEST amino/recovery/intra-workout product that I've ever had the pleasure to try out! Without even the twirl of a simple spoon, it mixes. Literally, no foam and you just drop it in your cup of water, twirl your cup a couple times, and it's mixed. Taste is amazing, and results are even better. Looking over that profile, and from my experience from using it, I definitely can tell that Omega did not cut any corners with this one. It's a little pricier than your every day product in this category, but honestly it holds it's own category; it's the LEADER of the pack.....HANDS DOWN THE BEST ON THE MARKET, EVER! ....WELL WORTH EVERY SINGLE FLIPPIN PENNY!

  5. X2 on Strive being worth every penny, it is my personal fav intraWO amino drink.
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  6. So give us a deal, I'm down to a few scoops left and I am ready to stock the cabinet!


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