CMZ by VPX, plan to carry it?

  1. CMZ by VPX, plan to carry it?

    I want to place an order from yall, wondering if you will have this soon so I could add it?



  2. I will get some in for you, but it will be next week before I receive it...

  3. Tight Ill place my order soon

  4. Just let me know when you get it in, post in this thread or PM or something


  5. Will do Grant. The order has been placed, I just hope the holidays doesn't slow down the delivery too much. Will let you know when it arrives!

  6. CMZ now available--$19.99

  7. any luck on that t3z from scifit?

  8. ordered, thanks

  9. Quote Originally Posted by wojo
    any luck on that t3z from scifit?
    On the way brother

  10. Quote Originally Posted by stryder
    On the way brother

    u da man


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