President's Day Sale

  1. President's Day Sale

    Did I miss the Presidents Day Coupon code?

  2. Did i?

  3. I didn't know Nutra ever did anything for Presidents day :P

  4. There's not always a sale. We did a little sale for Valentines Day that some people utilized.

  5. I def missed the valentines sale.. never knew!
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  6. So, should we not expect a President's day sale? I could use some items to stock up on...
  7. AnabolicMinds Site Rep
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    I didn't see a v-day sale... And I checked
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  8. SURE THERE was coupon code for 10% off EVRYTHING , it expired yesterday, it was "AmandaNP"

  9. Quote Originally Posted by 1kerry View Post
    SURE THERE was coupon code for 10% off EVRYTHING , it expired yesterday, it was "AmandaNP"
    never got an email!
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  10. Quote Originally Posted by criticalbench View Post
    never got an email!
    At Facebook

  11. Social media is a great and all but not everyone I on Facebook or checks it regularly. There are a lot of customers who probably got left in the dark.


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