Hey Nutra. Thank You too.

  1. Hey Nutra. Thank You too.

    You guys took advertising space to say thank you and nothing else. On top of constantly offering the best deals you can while still putting up with public critique from many that don't know any better. Exemplary business being run here.

    Years ago I would surf this forum for hours as it was a knowledge base like no other. It has grown so much but the mentality and ethic remains intact.

    Thank You Ninja monkeys.

  2. Yeah, Nutraplanet is a class act as far as internet based sales go. Always great prices, sales can be amazing, and customer service is top notch.

    Thank you, Nutraplanet!

  3. Thank you guys very much! That truly means a lot to the entire NP family. Our support is the fuel that lights our fire, the appreciation that keeps us motivated and moving forward, continuing to do what we love to do, MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

    Also, in case anyone didn't realize to click the banner, here is a kind message from the Big Boss Man (my mentor):

    There comes a time when you have to sit back and reflect on where you’ve come from, in order to know where you’re going. As I sit back and meditate on the journey that led us here, I find my mind being blown at the overwhelming support we’ve received from so many people just like you; loyal customers who stood by us during our growing pains, faithful vendors who took a chance working with the “new kid on the block”, and all the helping hands that guided us along this path. Without you, there would be no NutraPlanet…without you, there would be no us.
    This journey has brought us to this point—a major milestone in the history of our company has been achieved, and we want to offer all our customers, vendors, consultants, and plain ole NutraPlanet Fanatics our heartfelt gratitude.

    So from all of us here at NutraPlanet…
    Oh, and one more thing…
    Team NutraPlanet will be on a short break this Friday in an effort to sharpen the saw and spend quality time with our families, so expect a one day delay. If you call or email, we won’t be around to answer…but the Ninja Monkeys will be back bright and early Monday to help you.

    Sam Hong
    Founder & CEO

  4. The best supplement site on the web. Top notch people.
    EvoMuse Products Rep

    PM me with any questions!

  5. I just recently started shopping at NP and would like to add a thanks to all its staff, I know it's hard dealing with a large volume and doing an excellent job. Thanks for getting us deals on our sups, and thanks for the free samples

  6. Thanks again for all of the positive feedback, it fuels our fire brothers! Thank YOU all for your tremendous support! It truly means a lot to us!


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