Your OxyElite Pro Exclusive Offer - Save 63% Limted Time Only

  1. Your OxyElite Pro Exclusive Offer - Save 63% Limted Time Only

    OxyElite Pro (OG Formula): Pharmacist Formulated Super Fat Burner!
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    The Secret Ingredients Behind OxyELITE Pro's Massive Weight Loss Success!
    USPLabs has become known for their innovation, dedication, and perfection of premium-grade herbal extracts that cannot be found anywhere else. And OxyELITE Pro is no exception.

    Pharmacist formulated, OxyELITE Pro isn't just another "high stim" formula on the market. USP Labs set out to develop a stimulant based "Super Thermogenic™" that actually burns the right kind of in, the subcutaneous fat that covers your muscles and not the visceral fat that protects your organs. This is a important distinction to make when selecting ingredients, as many weight loss formulas contain ingredients that target the wrong kind of fat (visceral).

    But not OxyELITE Pro. This formula specifically targets the subcutaneous fat that covers your muscles. And they accomplished this by identifying a very unique extract that actually turns off the very receptor that prevents your body from releasing stored, subcutaneous fat in the first place!

    CLICK HERE & Compare OxyElite Pro against other Top Fat Burners!

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    Reg Price: $79.99
    Sale Price: $29.99
    You Save: 63%
    Limited Time Sale Price expires: 1/31/13

    Buy 1 bottle or 100, & shipping ONLY $6.95

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  2. Whaaaaaa?!?!? Bananas!!!!! Good stuff here NP, per usual.
    Serious Nutrition Solutions Representative

  3. Under a buck a day if you take 3 caps per day, good deal on the fatburner. Good timing for the sale too!

  4. I should buy at this price..

  5. Am i allowed to say where it is cheaper right now? Nah, nutraplanet has the best bulk bcaa's, so I will keep it to myself

  6. A generous opportunity to stock up on one of the best fat loss products ever designed.
    Product Educator | USPowders
    Statements made by this online persona are the sole property of the owner, and do not necessarily reflect USPowders’ opinion as a whole.


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