The B4 & After Stack: NutraPlanet Exclusive!
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B4 is Beyond Any Other Product EVER...
BPI Sports' NEW B4™ is an absolute blueprint based on the college campus miracle "STAY UP ALL NIGHT" pill that surfaced nationwide over a decade ago and has now become legendary. B4™is a high-end immediate gratification based PRE-WORKOUT & DIET PILL. B4™ is a prototype of the new science in fat burning and weight management. It attacks the problem like no product ever before - mechanism by mechanism, via the following pathways: potent CNS stimulant properties, dopamine modulation, and adipose tissue regulation.

What is B4?
Targeted Fat Burner
Preworkout Amplifier
Focus & Energy Intensifier
Feel Good/Mood Enhancer

And Now the B4 & After Stack...
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For a limited time only, pick up a bottle of B4 and get a BPI BLOX (50g) ABSOLUTELY FREE! This is a NutraPlanet exclusive offer and is only available while supplies last. Use B4 prior to your workouts for a clean, long-lasting energy that doesn't crash and burn, so you get the best workout EVERY TIME. Next, use BLOX Silk Amino Acid Sequenced Proteins™ to help replenish and accelerate recovery.

Each B4 & After Stack Includes:

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