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    Just letting you guys know I will be going out of town tomorrow, Thursday the 9th and will not be back until Sunday the 12th for a business trade show. I will be going to establish new contacts and sources for products.

    I will not be checking my emails or the board while I am gone, but will get back to all inquiries Monday.

    Orders will still be shipped out while I am away.

    All orders containing 1-Test powders will start shipping out Monday.

  2. Just letting you guys know, I will be going out of town Sunday morning (Jan. 2) and will return Wednesday evening (Jan. 5) for a little RR with the family in Sunny Florida! Going to relax and take the boys to Disney World to meet Mickey

    I will not be able to respond to emails or PM's during those times, but will still process and ship orders.

    Have a great New Year guys!

  3. Have a nice trip

  4. have a great trip.

  5. Have fun bro.



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