Hey Nutra, just some thoughts for you to consider or ignore

Nutra has become my go-to place for supplements as NZ based supplement sites are phenominally expensive (Bulk creatine costs around $100NZD for 1 kilo). I would never pay anywhere near that price for bulk mono. Anyway, lately I have been telling a few people about Nutraplanet as a better alternative for cheaper, better dosed and research supplements however there is one major drawback: the cost of shipping.

Typically it costs me around $40USD to ship anything here on top of my order, while still making the overall purchase cheaper than NZ alternatives I couldn't help but wonder if this could be lowered somehow. If more offshore interest could be generated into NP, is their a possibility for cheaper shipping? I have a huge feeling that NZ is an untapped market; although a small country, it has alot of supplement buyers.

Regardless, I will still recommend NP to those i am in contact just curious if anything can be done to perhaps enhance NP's awareness in the far reaches of the globe and make NPO more accessible.