1-Test Powder Out of Stock!

  1. Exclamation 1-Test Powder Out of Stock!

    We are currently out of stock of the 1-Test powder, but will be getting another kilo shortly. I will leave the 1-Test powder up on the site for pre-sale.

    THIS WILL BE THE LAST KILO! After I sell out the of it, I will NOT get any more 1-Test.

  2. Word up..............

  3. Hiya stryder...Hope its back up soon...How long do you predict the last kilo to last for?

  4. Ah damn...how long do you think the 1-Test and 4AD powder are going to last?? I was planning on buynig some w/my next check on thursday of next week 25-50g of 4AD and 15-30g of 1-Test depending on if my bro wants some, too....

  5. Me too, lol....I just love 1test, its the only thing that worked that I didnt have to buy from a dealer...all the GNC stuff is such crap...so sad the PH ban is up soon...the technology has improved so well ever since the first andro product...to bad it will be no more

  6. I'm getting a small shipment in today or tomorrow hopefully, and will fill all the smaller orders. Should have a larger order following soon to fulfill the larger quantities.

    I don't think it will last long...


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