Request for Nurtaplanet to stock 3alpha powder

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  1. Exclamation Request for Nurtaplanet to stock 3alpha powder

    Hi there. There doesn't seem to be 3alpah powder available
    anywhere anymore.

    I think it would be awsome if you could eiter get some 3 alpha
    raw powder or ready made transdermals.

    Everyone that is interested in this please support this theread
    as this might be our only chance to aquire some 3 alpha.

    Thanx and hope you'll strongly consider it.

  2. I'll be interested.

  3. Same here, definately want some !!!!!!
    would be great

  4. I'm a definite yes!
    ~ Nothing can kill the Grimace!!

  5. Me too. I think you could sell a kilo fairly easily. Talking with 1fast it appears that once the thread over at avant came out about their defunct Hung product lots of people bought up his stock. Guess no one really cared much about it for a gyno treatment.

  6. interested.

  7. OK, you guys got my attention

    What was the going rate for the powder? I've tried searching various sites and can't find it anywhere...I want to offer it at the lowest price possible, even though no one else has it. Someone give me some prices they paid from other retailers and I'll check my sources and see if it's worth it.

  8. As I recall 1fast had it for $5 for 1-5 grams, $4.75 for 6-20, and I think $4.25 for 21+ but I'm not positive on the last one.

  9. Thanks for the quick response ersatz! I will check into it and see what I can get it down to. If I can find a good deal I will pick up a kilo and run a pre-sale on it.

    Will keep you guys updated on what I find...

  10. This would be nice. A great addition to any stack, and insane strength gains.

  11. Awesome, I have never tried this, but I would definately be interested in it for an alternative to M5AA on a methyl cycle.

  12. Great stuff!! Thanx for the support everyone, I really want some 3 alpha to see if it works on gyno.

    I'm not too keen on surgery.

    Stryder would you only be offering the powder or a ready made transdermal too? Either would be cool but both, even better.

  13. Don't really have the time to make it into a transdermal...will be getting some in a powder form only.

    Once I nail down the details, I'll give you a definitive price and ETA...but it looks like it's going to be almost half the mentioned prices

  14. 3-alpha is a good DHT PH to use when you are already stacking methyls. For example, if you are doing MD/M4OHN/1,4ADD and wanted to throw in something that give you aggression then 3-alpha would be great in a TD. I recently tried it in a 1-T/4AD stack which I have done several times before. I noticed more strength and appetite with the addition of 3-alpha. I'm a big fan of M5AA but I like 3-alpha as a non-methylated option.

  15. If its half the price of what was stated, then Stryder is the King. (Pun intended)
    Dude, thats a awesome deal.
    ~ Nothing can kill the Grimace!!

  16. u gotta buy it through wiliam llewellyn as it is patented thats where mike got his from

  17. Quote Originally Posted by prld2gr8ns
    then Stryder is the King. (Pun intended)...
    Thanks for noticing
    ...another LOTR nerd

  18. Quote Originally Posted by stryder
    Thanks for noticing
    ...another LOTR nerd
    Big Time.
    ~ Nothing can kill the Grimace!!

  19. darius
    darius's Avatar

    I'm definitely interested too.

    Stryder any new info on the presale?

  20. Haven't heard word back from my supplier. I sent them an email pretty late this evening, been so busy filling all the Penetrate orders today.

    Should have an update for you tomorrow...
  21. darius
    darius's Avatar

    Thanks Stryder

  22. Stryder are you gonna get alot of stock? Hopefully it doesn't sell out in 30min,
    like some other pre sales

  23. anyone know how soluable this stuff is? i mean could i get say 15 grams in a 8oz bottle?
  24. darius
    darius's Avatar

    In that gyno post, someone said they got 7 grams into a bottle of Ab-Solved.

  25. Quote Originally Posted by stryder
    been so busy filling all the Penetrate orders today.
    Cool! I've got powders waiting on my four bottles!

  26. OK, just heard back from my supplier...and bad news

    When I initially inquired about the 5a-androstane-3a, 17b-diol (3-alpha) they told me they had it in stock and quoted me prices. When I got the details today and reviewed the purchase order, I noticed it was the 5a-androstane-3b, 17b-diol (3-beta). Luckily I caught the error and cancelled the order before I wired the funds.

    Unfortunately they do not have any of the 3-alpha in stock. I even contacted Molecular Nutrition and spoke to someone there about picking up some, but all their powders have been capped and bottled already.

    From checking around, it seems all the 3-alpha is gone...I will continue to hunt around and see if I can score any, but the outcome looks bleak...

  27. NNOOOO!!

    Please Stryder you must find some. You're the last chance for all of us!

    Even If you can find some caps and we have to open them to put then in a transdermal.

    Many of us only need a few grams so price is not an issue either.

  28. If caps are ok, I'll check around. Will let you know if I come across anything.

  29. That sucks, was hoping to score more . Now I know I'll be trying a cyclo nasal powder creation, with PA's methanol method, and see if I can get greater mileage from it than from a dermal.

  30. Stryder, for what it is worth, Patrick Arnold is trying to move some powder which is 65% beta, 35% alpha. You should think of getting in touch with him, I seem to recall that it is very cheap, so getting people to use 3x as much to get the same amount of 3a should STILL be as cheap as what they would have paid.
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