Antaeus Labs - Achilles

  1. Antaeus Labs - Achilles

    NP, will you start carrying Antaeus Labs - Achilles anytime soon?
    May I suggest using this app to track your bloodwork tests:
    myBloodTracker for IPhone and IPad

  2. Intro sale coming soon!

  3. Should be within 2 weeks. In the works now.

  4. Will you also carry Talos?

  5. We will carry it all my friend. Go big or go home!

  6. Heard great things about achilies

  7. Quote Originally Posted by msrider View Post
    Heard great things about achilies
    Agreed. This will be in my cart when it is in.
    Mr. Supps Board Rep

  8. Quote Originally Posted by NutraPlanet CS View Post

    Three words....TOMORROW. EPIC. SALE.
    Will nutra be picking up trenazone or any future Antaeus PHs?

  9. will the sale still be in place during the new years sale?

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Daxter View Post
    Will nutra be picking up trenazone or any future Antaeus PHs?
    Not sure really. All depends on if they are compliant (NOT saying they are not)....B/c if they are grey area, we are too big to carry those types of products. The FDA would have a field day. I am not sure why companies like L*ocko*t would even dare....they just are waiting to be raided/arrested/fined. And believe me, they wouldn't survive it either. I hear they stockpile some crazy stuff over there.

    If these are compliant with today's standards, then yes, we will....


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