Whey protein sale for christmas? nutrapro?

  1. Whey protein sale for christmas? nutrapro?

    any awesome deals for xmas on whey protein right now so I can put in a nice sized order on whey protein?

  2. is the ultimate flurry good stuff?

    the half a scoop thing kind of scares me and puts doubt in my mind its less protein. why would half a scoop be 25 grams protein

    are they super big scoops or something?

    Ive been doing business with nutra since 2005 and spent a lot of dough here and I would like answers. If I dont get any Ill simply have to take my business elsewhere for peace of mind. Being very into bodybuilding I can not be getting in less protein than I set for myself

  3. I'm taking the ultimate flurry right now. Scoops are huge! Tastes dam good though, I'm taking the cookie flavor. In a two pound tub it's only 24 servings though
    Black Lion Research Rep

  4. NP typically has a NYE's sale, however, I am not aware of what is in the sale at this point.

    In terms of the title, Nutrapro will not be around anytime soon
    Mr. Supps Board Rep

  5. my friend uses flurry.. its good, but i cant give up my vanilla mint protean!
    Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Representative



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