Whey protein sale for christmas? nutrapro?

  1. Whey protein sale for christmas? nutrapro?

    any awesome deals for xmas on whey protein right now so I can put in a nice sized order on whey protein?

  2. is the ultimate flurry good stuff?

    the half a scoop thing kind of scares me and puts doubt in my mind its less protein. why would half a scoop be 25 grams protein

    are they super big scoops or something?

    Ive been doing business with nutra since 2005 and spent a lot of dough here and I would like answers. If I dont get any Ill simply have to take my business elsewhere for peace of mind. Being very into bodybuilding I can not be getting in less protein than I set for myself

  3. I'm taking the ultimate flurry right now. Scoops are huge! Tastes dam good though, I'm taking the cookie flavor. In a two pound tub it's only 24 servings though
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  4. NP typically has a NYE's sale, however, I am not aware of what is in the sale at this point.

    In terms of the title, Nutrapro will not be around anytime soon

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  5. my friend uses flurry.. its good, but i cant give up my vanilla mint protean!
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