I think I put the wrong billing address in my order

  1. I think I put the wrong billing address in my order

    I have ordered multiple times from Nutraplanet so it might be totally fine. But I was clicking through fast trying to get Cyber Monday deals and I think I put the wrong billing address like I said. Is there someone I should talk to or is it OK. If you find my order with an old billing address just know it's fine

  2. Just email our customer service department with your order number and the correct billing address. If you are a new customer, you MIGHT be (if not already in process) required to run though a very simple verification process. This process is solely for the protection against fraud and the protection of anyone who is a valid credit card holder. I say this simply because our system will automatically "flag" the order, in regards to a needed verification process, if the billing address and credit card info do not match. You will be fine though.

    Our customer service email address is as follows: [email protected]

    You can also feel free to contact and order from us Monday through Friday, from 10am to 5pm, by calling the following toll free phone number: 1-866-780-3755

    Thanks for choosing NutraPlanet!

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