The Penetrate is out of stock, but should be in tomorrow or Wednesday at the latest. For those who want to pre-buy the beta tester bottles it will be only $14.99, but as of Monday or while supplies last, it will go up to $19.99.

    Remember if you want your custom transdermal prepared for you, make sure you purchase the dermal and the powders, and type in customize in the comment box during checkout along with detailed instructions.

  2. By saying "along with detailed instructions." you just mean how many grams of which powder(s) per bottle correct?

  3. Right, but if you want one bottle with just 4-AD and the other with just 1-Test, or if you want it combined, multiple bottles, etc...

    But yes in general how many grams of powder per bottle...some may get a little creative

  4. Alright thought so, and yes you might be making some interesting combo's very soon.
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