4-AD Powder IN STOCK!

  1. 4-AD Powder IN STOCK!

    The bulk 4-AD powders are now available.

    Here are the following prices:

    5 grams: $4.25--$0.85/gram
    10 grams: $8.50--$0.85/gram
    50 grams: $37.50--$0.75/gram
    100 grams: $65.00--$0.65/gram

    You can now customize your own transdermal with either 1-Test, or 4-AD, or combined!

  2. Well now I don't see penetrate on your site.

  3. Sold out, but should have some more in a day or two. The holidays backed up the shipping...

    The beta tester bottles are almost out. I expect prices to go up to $19.99 by next week.

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