Shipping to UK?

  1. Shipping to UK?

    Do you ship there? How much would the shipping be then? Cannot find anythingon your homepage about that.

  2. I'll post it here just incase, create an account, add items to your cart (whichever ones you like) then proceed to checkout, select an option from your address book and itl link through to another page which updates you with shipping costs for that transaction. You can then cancel (or simply leave the webpage) and you wont get charged.

    This is the best way as it will update the shipping costs depending on the weight of the package (most shipping companies dont have a "flat rate" and charge instead based on the bulk of the package to be shipped), therefore ringing NP might give an approximate cost, but this way will give you THE cost.

    And yes, they ship internationally.

  3. thanks for your answer mate will do so!

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