Fine, I'll ask it then: what's with MGN-3?

  1. Fine, I'll ask it then: what's with MGN-3?

    On your site you have an interesting article, "MGN-3 in cancer treatments." So, are you planning to carry this, or is this just a heads up on future science? What's the deal?

  2. Man, I'm proud of you! You actually took the time to read one of the articles on my site

    MGN3 was a mushroom extract, from Maitake mushrooms, that scientists over in Japan found to almost triple your NK (natural killer cells) which aids in destroying harmful agents and cells. Thus it helped with cancer because it increased these killer cells to destroy the cancerous cells. It's widely used over in Japan, BUT because the company advertised it for cancer, the FDA quickly shut them down and slapped them with a bunch of legal litigations, which they're trying to resolve in court. Doesn't look good for the company, I personaly don't think they will make it through all this.

    Good news is there are other companies coming out with the same extract but will be called AHCC, but needless to say it won't be making specific claims...

  3. I read this about two days after you posted it, and I've been waiting for some action in regards to it. I know someone who could benefit from this a lot, if it works. Any chance you plan to carry it as a "no claims" mushroom powder, maybe call it (ironically) "flavoring agent" for whey protein? [bleh!]

  4. Here's a good link with more details...I haven't had a chance to read through it all, but it has multiple studies as well as testimonials.

    I will get some on the site soon and let you know.

    Here's the link:

  5. Very interesting reading. My father has lung cancer, so I'm wondering if this treatment has also been successful with lung cancer patients.

  6. Not sure, but it's worth a try if your father is willing to try a holistic approach. I have heard of people using it along with "conventional" treatments without complications...

  7. I just tried to email them but my email bounced back for some reason. Any idea on cost for this stuff?

  8. I'll have it up on the site today. It is expensive...retail is around $50 or $60 for only 30 caps. I will definetly sell it for cheaper...much cheaper. I've got bonus bottles on hand, 30 caps+30 caps free (the 30 free caps are inside the same bottle) for the price of a single bottle.

    After I review the margins I'll set the price and inform you guys.

  9. AHCC up on site...the price is $35.99 for the 60 cap bottle. Each cap yielding 500 mg of the AHCC blend.

  10. Ouch. So there is no chance this could show up as a bulk powder? This looks like something that could be used by someone for a long time, but that could be pretty difficult when it is this expensive. I guess I am used to the unheard of deals on raws. I will have to check those scientific evaluations again.

  11. Not sure about the raw. Don't have a source for that...yet
  12. ItriedtoripoffBobosonowIamgonehaveaniceday
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    I used to work at the Vitamin Shoppe and I had a customer come in one day and pretty much buy us out of this stuff...he spent a couple of hundred dollars! He said it really was worth it. It seems interesting.

  13. Quote Originally Posted by stryder
    Not sure about the raw. Don't have a source for that...yet
    Well, if you're really industrious: Maitake Mushroom Spawn
    or Maitake Mushroom Patch ...

  14. Thanks for the link, but I need to find a direct supplier to cut out the middle man fees. That would be a good source for the consumer, since I would have to mark it up to make a profit...

  15. Yeah it was a joke. I'm pretty sure you don't have to worry about people growing their own mushrooms.

  16. yeah, but you never know

    By the way I've been meaning to thank you for those PH reference point threads. Great idea and very helpful!

  17. Thank you.

    As to the threads, they'll only be as helpful as people make them. I hope everyone does what they can and encourages others to contribute their experiences.

  18. Any news on a raw powder yet Stryder?

  19. No, to be honest I haven't had the time to even look for it...this upcoming ban is making things crazy!

  20. cool, let us know when u do. Also, just wondering how effective AHCC is which only has shiitake mushroom extract versusMGN# which contained this and extracts from 2 others.

  21. Is there still interest in Maitake extract? I believe I have a source.
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