Slin-Sane V2 $19.99 until SUN

  1. Slin-Sane V2 $19.99 until SUN

    Hey guys just until Sunday Nutraplanet is offering Slin-Sane V2 for 19.99. Huge sale for our Slin-Sane lovers.

    Genomyx NEW Slin-Sane V2 (60 Capsules): Discount NEW Slin-Sane V2 Supplements

  2. Almost out of stock. Sale ends Sun.

  3. I happily got in on this! Comparing this to slintensity!

  4. Thanks for the support as always Criticalbench

  5. Quote Originally Posted by GENOMYX
    Thanks for the support as always Criticalbench
    As always. Any company that makes a solid nutrient partitioner has my respect because it shows they understand how important diet is.

  6. Could've kept the sale on till the last 48 bottles in stock are out. Non-frequent browsers missed such sale including me.


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