Slin-Sane V2 $19.99 until SUN

  1. Slin-Sane V2 $19.99 until SUN

    Hey guys just until Sunday Nutraplanet is offering Slin-Sane V2 for 19.99. Huge sale for our Slin-Sane lovers.

    Genomyx NEW Slin-Sane V2 (60 Capsules): Discount NEW Slin-Sane V2 Supplements

  2. Almost out of stock. Sale ends Sun.

  3. I happily got in on this! Comparing this to slintensity!
    Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Representative

  4. Thanks for the support as always Criticalbench

  5. Quote Originally Posted by GENOMYX
    Thanks for the support as always Criticalbench
    As always. Any company that makes a solid nutrient partitioner has my respect because it shows they understand how important diet is.
    Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Representative

  6. Could've kept the sale on till the last 48 bottles in stock are out. Non-frequent browsers missed such sale including me.


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