Labor Day Sale Code

  1. Labor Day Sale Code

    Anyone else having issues getting the code for the free shipping to work? I know you have to have one of the featured company's supplements. I have endosurge in my cart, the code still wont work.

  2. I had the issue as well with Alphamine + Shift....

  3. I had this issue as well and ended up just sayin forget it lol.
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  4. I figured out that whole list don't all qualify you for the lbd12 code. Only the top 6: liver whatever, flashover +daa, slin v2, the 1,3 and whatever the other 2 at the very top are are the only ones that u can use the lbd12 code on. Right under that grouping it says something like the rest of these aren't good for the free shipping but they're still sick deals. I just took out my foc xt and added slin v2 and got the free shipping.
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  5. If anybody is spending $200, you an always use the 7OFF200 coupon which is $0.05 more than free shipping in most instances.



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