Does nutraplanet ship overseas? -

Does nutraplanet ship overseas?

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    Does nutraplanet ship overseas?

    I looked at the site and can't find info anywere.

    So do you? Also what rates do you charge and what options are available?

    I'd like airmail for small items and shipping for protein etc. would it be posseble to
    split the shipping of one order??

    thanx alot

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    Yes, we do...I've found it impossible to keep track of items that are illegal to ship to different countries. It is your responsibility to keep track of these items, and not to order them. Orders that are seized will not be refunded, orders that are returned to us in resellable condition will be refunded minus a 25% restocking fee and less the shipping cost. List any special instructions in the comment box during checkout.

    We cannot split the shipping up, your best bet is to place different orders if you want certain items shipped differently. The shipping calculator should calculate the rates for you.

    If you have any problems or questions PM me or email me at: m

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