What the hell is going on? The first time I order online without actually calling in I gett border problems. I have Fed ex calling regarding customs clearance. What do I do now? Is there anything I can do or say? I have never had a problem with your shipping before. I have been a loyal customer for years Plus I have referred several others. I thought you did not use FedEx to Canada anymore. Otherwise I would not have ordered. I paid expensive shipping for nothing.
    Is my order lost? Should I call FedEx? What do I say?

  2. Anybody???
    they a seconded message saying they need to know if the supplements are for personal use or to my company. What do I say and why the hell do they need to know that?

  3. I would call them and ask for more info. I would also say it is for personal use. I can't see why they are asking that for three bottles. From that amount if I was a customs officer that would answer the question for me right away, but we're talking Canada customs. They might be asking if this is for a company because they may think you are going to sell the product which is not authorized under Health Canada....The best bet is to call for more info.

  4. Hey, sorry for the slow reply. Was out of the country. Did you manage to sort this out? If not, shoot me a PM and I'll see what I can do help take care of this.

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