To get things rolling for November, we are offering an additional 5% off coupon for your entire order! Simply type in: AM Discount
    in the coupon code box at checkout to receive your discount. Remember this is a one time use use it wisely

    This coupon expires after November 30, 2004...

  2. You just made my day....

  3. great idea.

  4. aw man, I just bought some m1,4add without the coupon...then came to this forum to ask about the good prices on DS tabs

  5. ...don't worry the coupon is good for the whole month. If you need anything else, or want to wait and restock on items, you can get the entire order at the discount.

  6. Sweet...thanks bro!!

  7. wow i get free shipping and now this!!! to good to be true

  8. You know I'll take care of you guys....

  9. wow i get free shipping and now this!!!
    Free shipping????? Did I miss something?


  10. That was a special coupon I sent flava for an error on his order that was on my end...

  11. can you mess up my order too. just joking.


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