1. 1-T-CYP

    Will you be carrying any pain free orals if Designer makes any? I know these seem to sell like hot cakes each time he makes them. Or, would you be interested in carrying pain free orals such as 1-T-CYP, 4-HT-CYP and 4-Ad-CYP

  2. I may if people start asking for it...maybe if I can find a company that will offer me some good deals on it *wink, wink* I can pass the savings to my customers. Maybe even do a pre-sale. My goal is to not get stuck with products post ban.

    Anyone intersted in the aforementioned products give me a bump! Please also list which product you would be interested in.

  3. ItriedtoripoffBobosonowIamgonehaveaniceday
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    I think if you were to get some Sledge Test or 4OHT that you would have none left after the ban. There popularity is amazing. I also think 4ad CYP would be a big seller as well. I am definitely interested.

  4. 1,4 ace

    that would be so farking nice

  5. People seem to want 1-Test cyp right now Stryder. I have used it with great success with 4-AD Cyp. Some may have already stocked up though so you may just want to get a small batch to test it out.

  6. I would love some premade 1test cyp and 4AD cyp. I hear it is easy to homebrew but I do not trust my homebrew abilities.


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