Shipping Unsuccessful - Refund also Unsuccessful ( NP Assistance Required )

  1. Shipping Unsuccessful - Refund also Unsuccessful ( NP Assistance Required )


    i am having big complications with my order, please hear out my complicated story.

    1. I couldnt order from NutraPlanet myself, because my MasterCard has a limit, so i gave my money to a trusted, older friend who ordered instead of me.

    2. My friend, was completely unsuccessful at looking at the deposit, and he was entering all sorts of numbers, including order ID number. When we finally figured it out, that you guys deposited him some amount, another problem occured, as his bank automatically "translated" that to Euros. So 0,75 didnt work and after assuming how much would that be in dollars, he tried 2 numbers ( 0,94 and 0,92 ), and then the damn thing locked itself, because he already tried three times.

    3. Since the money went off directly from his card card, he does not know how to get a refund and neither do i.

    Other info :

    ID: 120615BA3&Zq2D#t
    Amount paid : 209,84

    So currently we are in a complete pat position, with already prepaid goods that we cannot get to ship and without any idea what to do next or how to refund the money.

    Your help is greatly appreaciated,


  2. Hi Korum,
    You'll want to talk with one of the customer service agents from NP. If you could copy and paste this in an email to [email protected] m they'll get you sorted out!
    Thanks for your order and let me know if it doesn't get resolved .

  3. Thanks for the email adress, i have sent a copy to it as well

    Now i shall wait patiently, but really hoping to receive the goods :/ ( it was 6 kg Modern bcaa )


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