Huge problem!!

  1. Huge problem!!

    I just placed an order and I need it cancelled or on-hold, please.

    Order # 311625

    I had applied my $50 gift certificate, but it didn't seem to apply. I didn't realize the full amount was charged. I really need that cert placed toward the order. The full amount can't be applied to my card. I don't think it will clear

    Anyway you can help me? Please, oh Please!

  2. Please help Ninja Monkey's. I I'll try calling NP as soon as they open.

  3. It can't be changed until they open. By now you've probably called in. Let me know if you got it resolved.

  4. Haven't called yet. Waiting for a minute in between patients :-(

  5. Give us a call and one our customer service reps and can easily get that handled for you. 1 866 780 3755

    Thanks for your patience and for choosing NutraPlanet!

  6. I finally got a chance to call, thank you.

    Andrew was very helpful.


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