NUTRAPLANET 4th of July Sale: Savings up to 84% or More!

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  2. Honestly, I've heard of things like this with EVERY carrier. There is always a customer who hates UPS, always one who hates FedEx, one that hates USPS, etc. FedEx DEFINITELY gives the best rates, at least to us. We tried for UPS, but their rates were as bad as just personally going to the UPS store. Too bad for them we're now one of the biggest FedEx accounts in this area. You snooze you loose. But, we are very sorry to hear about any mishaps with your shipment. Though, this is something they also ask us to do on a daily basis. It's really customs more than anything else. They just want to ensure you don't have "tainted" products entering your country. Thanks for your understanding.



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