For those that haven't already tried're missing out!

  1. For those that haven't already tried're missing out!

    Grab a bottle of "GO." This stuff is simply amazing. I recently posted a thread asking if there was a non-ephedra based supplement that would help with workout intensity and motivation in the gym. Stryder recommended I give GO a try.

    After trying out this product for about two weeks now, I have to say it's by far one of the best supplements i have ever used! My workout intensity and focus has drastically increased, and I power through my workouts. Lately it seems like I have to force myself to stop lifting because I still have 3-4 sets left in me. I actually perfer this product to M5AA any day of the week. Best of all, i have yet to notice building a tolerance to this stuff. I havent had to up my dosage at all, and still get the same effects every single workout.

    Stryder has it the cheapest i've seen it (even cheaper than 1fast.) If you haven't already used it, give it a shot.

  2. I have to agree with blaze on this one. I picked up two bottles from styder about 2 weeks ago also, and this stuff kicks ass. Gives me a great pick up, and really helps w/my focus in the gym. Seems to help put me in the "zone". I also have been able to keep the same dosage, and have not seen any diminishing effects.

    I also don't experience a "crash" like i do when i take an ECA stack. Seems like every time I take ECA i have to take a nap 3-4 hours later. With GO I don't have any problems with this.

    Everybody should definately give this a try. This is one of the only "legal" supps I will continue to purchase.

  3. How does it compare to Neurostim? I have heard that actually works well too. Anybody tried them both?

  4. i got exactly ZERO effect from go. loved the taste, but that's it
  5. ItriedtoripoffBobosonowIamgonehaveaniceday
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    How many scoops are you guys using and what flavor do you have? Do goes for everyone including jjjd. Thanks.

  6. anywhere from 2-4 scoops

    no noticeable effect for me, whatsoever

  7. How long do the CNS effects of GO last? Is it something you can take later in the day and have it wear off before bedtime like m5? Or is it long lasting like ECA? I'm interested in a preworkout stim, but I do it after work (6:00-6:30). ECA is out of the question that late in the day. M5 does a decent job and wears off quickly, but I don't think it would be good to use it over long periods of time. Right now I only use it when I'm already on a cycle of androgens.


  8. Bump............. JonBlaze, Sticks or anyone who used GO successfully. How long do the effects last? I would appreciate any feedback or experiences anyone can share. Thanks.


  9. it usually effects me during my workout. That is all, boost of energy and intensity. Afterwards i can come home and study or take a nap or whatever and i'll be fine.

  10. i use 3 scoops and it's still working great for me, i noticve the same effects each workout, and it doesn't seem to wear off at all.
  11. ItriedtoripoffBobosonowIamgonehaveaniceday
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    I tried it 2 days ago for a back workout. My diet didn't exist that day (helped somebody move from their house) but I still felt really strong and added weight that workout. I was disappointed I didn't get a good pump but considering my diet that day (don't ask), I was very impressed. I took two and a half scoops. O, the flavor was BANGING!!!!!!!!! Tasted like either pixy stix or like a kool-aid or something. I can't spot the taste but it was very good. I ordered the fruit punch. This taste test is from eating it right out of the can. WHen mix with water it was a lot more bland.

  12. Grape is muuuuch better in my opinion

  13. Thanks guys, I appreciate the responses. I'll be throwing some in on my next order.


  14. I'm also taking 3 scoops. Effects for me usually last around 1.5 hours. Like blaze i can take it, go workout, and then come home and sleep w/out any problems. Good stuff in my opinion. Seems to enhances ephedra's effects as well. On days i'm really tired i'll take 3 scoops w/an ephedra, and that really gets me going. Usually end up doing this on leg day for a little extra energy.

  15. I love the stuff too. It keeps me going for at least a couple of hours.

  16. Quote Originally Posted by houseman
    Grape is muuuuch better in my opinion
    i gotta try that one next.

  17. Im defintly getting some... Nutraplanet is giving us a good price.
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